Are you a storyteller?
Would you like expert advice from fifty authors – called Storyguides – and the chance to share your stories?
Then this brilliant, interactive storytelling tool is just for you!
Craft your own story in three simple steps.
Let's begin...

  • Choose your story guides
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    Learn to write and illustrate stories like a Pro with our brilliant authors and illustrators who have shared their top tips on writing and creating illustrations for stories, just for you.

  • Craft your own story
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    Did you know that every good story is made up of seven different parts – and you can write them in whichever order you choose? Follow these simple online steps to craft your very own story.

  • Share your new story
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    When your story is complete you can save your story as a PDF and share it with your teachers, friends and family by printing out a hard copy or sharing your story by email.

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